Are you wondering how to stand out in a crowded market?

If you are considered an expert in your field, you should write a book and use it as your new lead generator. Some successful authors say their book acts as a powerful pumped up business card for them in the Information Age.
According to Kevin Hogan, author of The Science of Influence, “Nothing boosts your credibility and expertise in the mind of the public like your own printed book. An advanced degree is actually second to having published a book.”

Here are five more reasons to brand your business with a book:

* Your Book elevates your business name. Author still carries prestige in our society.

* Your book offers you almost immediate expert status in your business. Put your helpful and expert knowledge inside your book. It will serve as a sample of your valuable services to an attentive market after reading your advice.

* The money is still in the list. Create a shorter book or eBook and give it away to new subscribers. You can attract interested readers and customers. They will opt-in faster with your free short book as a gift. When I implemented this on my website, my subscriber rates doubled then tripled over a short time.

* Your book can serve as an entry-level product in your sales funnel. For you it can be the starting point of all your programs and services. Use it to create additional income streams as well as passive income. Your customers get to sample your expertise before moving up in the sales funnel.

* Your £10-£15 book builds interest in your more expensive products and services in your business. A £10 book sale can lead to a £150-£1500 loyal customer. All because they feel like your friend after reading your book. They liked what you said and how you said it; they tell all their friends and family about it.

Don’t wait to brand your business with a book. Your business may never experience the next level profits and visibility it deserves. There are plenty more reasons why you should. But start with the five above to elevate your business name, receive immediate expert status, build your list exponentially, grow additional income streams and increase your loyal customer base.

With Love,

Abigail x