Join Authors & Co Founder Abigail, for Writer’s Wednesday’s (Unfiltered & Unedited)

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Introducing Abigail Horne & Her Mission

International Women’s Day 2018

In this video you will be given an insight into the founder of Authors & Co.

Publishing, Self-Publishing, Book Coaching & Supported Publishing

Confused about which option is best for you?

In this session you will be given details of all the options that are available to you to support you in writing and publishing your book.

How To Make 100k With Your Book

Wondering how and if it is possible?

In this session , Abigail explains step by step how she created £100,000 from her book within 7 days of launching.

The Life Changing Magic Of Writing A Book

Interview With Jo Gilbert

In this session , Abigail interviews Jo 3 Months Post Book Launch. You will not believe how life changing writing a book has been for her.

The Six Month Road To Success

Interview With Vanessa Dooley

In this session , Abigail interviews Vanessa on the evening of her book launch. You will hear what the six month process has looked like, including all of her fears leading up to her BIG win!

The Secrets To A Bestselling Book Cover

Everything that you need to know!

In this session , Abigail discusses the different aspects of book covers that you need to be aware of whilst in the design stages. It’s true, people actually do judge a book by it’s cover:)


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Alternatively you can message use if you have any specific questions.

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