10 must read books for the Savvy Business Woman


If you are anything like me, you will love a good read, especially reads that grow and move you forward in life and in business. Over the last six years I’ve touched and read more books than I can believe, but I’ve got to be honest before life in business, as much as I loved the idea of getting lost in stories, I never gave myself the time.

As savvy business women its so necessary to consistently feed our minds with empowering stuff, especially in a world that continuously tries to bring us down.

If your not currently a reader, my top tip would be to start small, maybe just ten pages a day and let it become part of your morning or evening ritual.

This will absolutely create powerful shifts in your mind, body, and soul for life and business success.

Here are my 10 must read books that have given me my greatest lessons and blessings:

1. The Miracle Morning- Hal Elrod. Steve Scott.

Our daily rituals and habits have the power to really define what we do or don’t achieve. Without daily disciplines, what should be a relatively easy task can often become huge in our minds causing procrastination and overwhelm.

I’ve consistently struggled with finding a routine that works for me, one that puts me in the right mindset and can be fitted in and around a ‘manic’ schedule.

This book will benefit any business women that wants to wake up with passion, purpose, and an ‘I can’ attitude to get stuff done!


2. Attitude is Everything- Jeff. Keller.

How we do anything is how we do everything right….? An epic read to get you into the attitude of a champion in life and in business. How you view things, see the world, respond to situations and people can hugely impact your success. There will always be highs and lows in what we do, but this book helped me get real clarity on how to achieve a winning mindset and my goals.

It’s an easy read too!


3.  Raise your Vibration- Alex Tripod.

So you may have heard of the ‘Law Of Attraction,’ ‘The Secret,’ ‘What you think about you bring about?.’ Alex takes this to the next level! There is so much more to this than you may think.  This is an excellent perspective on how to change your life and make your mind your power, not your enemy.

A word of warning- Alex is a powerhouse and even though direct- her teachings will be something you need to hear right now to make the positive changes in your life! Give yourself 21 days and see how you shift things for you!

4. Brand Brilliant- Fiona Humberstone.

Being on brand is so essential to attracting your ideal clients and achieving success in your presence. This book is one that can visually take your business to the next level!

5. The Mind Makeover- Sharron Lowe.

What I loved about this read was the physical exercises throughout which enabled me to instantly take action for a positive change. I learned a lot about myself, my limiting beliefs, what was holding me back and through recognising this could take action to achieve and become more.

A great read to breaking free and becoming whoever you want to become.


6. Light is the New Black- Rebecca Campbell.

A beautiful read for any women connected to their inner spiritual self. Rebecca has a fantastic story to tell and helped me really connect with who I am, and my purpose in the world helping me to express my inner self and learn to dance in the rain!


7. Miss Money Bags- Michelle Stonehill.

I don’t know about you, but I have always allowed myself to become a victim of money! As women in business, we crave a lifestyle of financial freedom and this is precisely what this book will help you achieve. It focuses on the mindset shift as well as the physical shift required to take the scarcity of money away and bring you a lifetime of abundance.


8. She Made It Happen- Inspiring women from around the world.

Be empowered and be inspired to achieve anything!!!


9. 52 tips for a Fantastic Year- Adele De Caso.

Simple ideas for significant change- an easy read full of great ideas to push you and your business forward! If you’re in need of a little inspiration, this is definitely one I would recommend!


10. Unshakable- Your guide to financial freedom-Tony Robbins.


Being savvy with finances is so vital to creating financial freedom.


Learning how to invest, what to spend and knowing how to save money effectively can bring you endless financial freedom and passive incomes that will look after you for life! I am still reading this book but have already gained so many valuable insights that most of the population are not aware of! If you want to get savvy, learn from one of the wealthiest men in the world and see your finances change!

I hope that reading some of the above books inspire you to achieve your greatness and help you on your journey! I would love to hear what some of your favourite self-help/ business books are? Comment with some of your favourites and let’s share the reading love!

Have a great day lovely,

With Love always,





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